From the beginning

Super Car Wash and Valeting began in 2007. We opened our first location on The Dock Road. From here we extended our reach to Delta Retail Park on the Ballysimon Road and most recently we opened another location on the Dock Road. For the past 14 years we have been the number 1 go to car wash in Limerick providing an unparalleled service that keeps our loyal customers coming back time and time again.

We would love you to be one of those customers. Our pricing and special offers can’t be matched for the level of service we offer. Drop in and see for yourself! So how often should you have your vehicle washed? That depends on how quickly it gets dirty — and how dirty it gets.

For some cars, once a month or so is sufficient — especially if the car is lightly used and kept in a garage. But some cars will need a bath more often — especially those that are parked outdoors where they’re exposed to bird droppings, tree sap and so on, or driven in areas with very long/severe winters, where the roads are salted when it snows.

Did you know, keeping your car clean and the finish looking good can also mean higher resale value when it comes to getting a new car. All else being equal, a car with faded paint and a dingy overall look sells for 10-20 percent less than an otherwise identical vehicle that just looks nicer.



The Dock Road


Delta Retail Park


City Centre Car Park, Anne St, Limerick